HERT Net— The High Efficiency Radio Transmission Network is based on satellite radio technology that was used for entertainment purposes in the early part of the twenty-first century. Abandoned mid-century in favor of cheaper methods, the technology was re-engineered and purposed for local and regional transmission relays. Very efficient for use on a local level, it does not put a strain on the ORE Net or the LoST Net.


ORE Net— The Optical Relay Earthbound Network is a series of terrestrial communications hubs run on old-fashioned optical-fiber networks. Though the basis for this technology is hundreds of years old, it is reliable. The ORE Net habitually stays in place and operating through earthquakes of high magnitude, and the debilitating dust storms of the Great Plains.


LoST Net—The LoST Net, or Line of Sight Transmission Network, is a network of satellites that are positioned around Earth, Mars and in between, synchronized with orbital patterns of both planets and with way-stations and orbital command posts. Based on the need for real-time interplanetary communication, a precision-timed network of orbital satellites was developed. Each satellite must have line of sight to the next, for a message to get through. With sevenfold redundancies, the LoST Net is by far the most reliable and fast way to get information from Earth to Mars, or any of the stations between.


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