Primary Settlements

Primary Settlements are comprised of mostly Archaeans, though there are some humans at each of the to ensure that peace is maintained. The settlements are either nearby or within fast-commute distance of the factories or mining areas. These settlements are largely urban, and have become massive population centers.

  • Izu-Bonin Mariana Arc, West Pacifica (Between Japan and the Mariana Islands)
  • Lake Titcaca, South America (Bolivia) — Eden City
  • Mid-Atlantia, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Atlantic Ocean
  • Tierra Del Fuego, Cape Horn (Argentina)
  • Mount Fuji, East Asian Highlands (Japan)
  • Mount Pele, Central Pacifica (Hawaii)
  • Soufriere Hills, Caribbean Plain Bluffs
  • Sangay, Near-Pacifica (Equador)
  • Mount Talang, West Pacifica, (Indonesia)
  • Lake Baikal, Central Asian Plain, (Russia) — Valhalla Center
  • Chew Bahir, Great Rift Valley, East African Plateau, (Ethiopia)

Secondary Settlements

Other than the settlements that house the main body of the factory workers, there are secondary settlements that are home to the people that actually work the solar collection fields and other industry. These tend to be smaller, and are located in largely flat areas. Settlements in these areas are generally rural or medium-sized urban developments.

  • Grand Island Cooperative, Great Plains (USA)
  • Mansel City, Hudson Bay (Canada)
  • Bois Blanc Fields, Great Lakes (USA/Canada)
  • Cape Hatteras (West-Atlantic Shelf Substation 1, USA)
  • Nantucket Plateau (West-Atlantic Shelf Substation 2,USA)
  • St. Pierre-Miquelon City (West-Atlantic Shelf Substation 3, Canada)
  • Ascension Island, Mid-Atlantia (Georgetown Research Station)
  • Nuuk Agricultural Facilities (Greenland)
  • CAAF (Central Antarctic Agricultural Facilities, Antarctica)

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