Environmental Control Apparatus

Several innovations have been made with regard to the personal protection of the human race on earth. These are mostly personal gear, though some transportation and structural inventions have come about as well.

Personal Gear

Sol-soak cloth: Solar soaking cloth, or “sol-soak” cloth, is a radiation saturation material. Tiny filaments of UV and Infra-red radiation sensitive material are spun into a fiber that is used to produce a tough, flexible and stretchy fabric. Sol-soak suits are worn under clothing by all human occupants of the planet when traveling, or when they will be working outside during daylight hours. A sol-soak suit can store energy in a small reserve for personal electronic devices, but its primary function is to use that energy to regulate body temperature.

Thermal Glass: A thick glass that borrows some of its technology from the solar soaking cloth, thermal glass acts as a barrier to the heat of the sun. It also is a method of catching solar radiation for use in residential housing.

Environmental Control Apparatus

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