There is varied sentiment among human populations on everything from the function to the very existence of the Archaean people. These range from extremists and elitists to moderates and opportunistic individuals that don’t care either way.

  • Blue Bloods: Elitist and ethnocentric. This faction wants only to further their own interests, not quite at the expense of all others. Their primary interest is in preserving the old elite families from Earth. They are the most wealthy, with the most political influence within Mars’s planetary government.
  • Moderates: Politically and socially moderate. Faction wants what is best primarily for the Human population, and as such promotes good relations with the Archaeans. Their rationale behind this is that the Archaeans produce their primary power source for travel, so they must at least make some concessions. This is the largest of the Human factions.
  • Children of God: Subversive, fanatical. A small faction, fut almost universally feared. They are difficult to detect, and have infiltrated most levels of government and industry. It is their belief that the Archaeans are an abomination unto God, and should be destroyed so that the chosen of God might re-inhabit the Earth. All supporters of the Earth-Mars Alliance are considered enemies of this faction. The Children of God have performed assassinations and terrorist attacks on centers of Pro-Archaean sentiment, and sent numerous threats to government officials. Religious groups within this faction include Christians, Jews and Muslims.
  • Embers: Pro-Archaean. Named so because of their association with the Archaeans, whose children are called ‘fire brats’. Primarily composed of scientists and intellectuals, this faction is a vocal proponent of the idea that the Archaenas represent the future for humankind as a whole. Genetic engineering is the future, allowing man to adapt to whatever environment he should choose to enter.
  • Bottom-Feeders: Apathetic, opportunistic. A faction that is not a faction. These people are not unified, and have no common goal. They are those who are simply either out for themselves, or do not care either way about politics. Most of these are freelance merchants, and some are considered criminals due to their links to smuggling rings and other illicit activity.


The Archaean population is somewhat divided on the issue of Human-Archaean relations. There are, just as with the humans, moderates, extremists, idealists, and revolutionaries.

  • Toadies: Pro-Government. As the name suggests, these Archaeans usually work for the Alliance in some way. They range from low-level governmental officials to foremen at power plants, with very few grunts among their numbers. They do not curry favor with the government, but they do not try to draw attention to themselves through displays of aggression. It is because of this apathy that they are disliked by others.
  • Malcontents: Anti-Government. Also known as “Mal-Cons”. They are mostly comprised of low-level government workers, many grunts, some of the new scientists, and various others. For the most part, they believe that the Archaean people of Earth can stand alone as an independent planetary government.
  • Firebrands: Revolutionary. New scientists and factory workers are the main body of this group. Like the Bolsheviks of the early 20th Century, they want to overthrow the current power structure. They want to destroy the Alliance’s power base on Earth, and a total change of government, run solely by Archaeans. There is absolutely no moral problem among them to use the solar power cells they make as a bargaining chip. They are willing to use any means necessary – even violence – to achieve their goals.
  • Drones: Apathetic. Mostly grunts and factory workers. These people just want to be left alone to live their lives. They share a few common characteristics, but these are only the ones that have been bred into them, and those they have been indoctrinated with by their society.


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