Homo sapiens sapiens

Human beings have done what they do best to survive: they have adapted. Moving to Mars, finding new ways of life, humanity had one hell of a time getting to where they are now.


Originally from Earth, humans have now begun to colonize other planets. No one alive remembers Earth the way it was, and no human calls it home. Mars is their home, in domes spread over the rockier areas, and some in the sandy flats.


Tolerance to heat and cold variable, but nearly negated in presence of adequate technology. Has a spectacular ability to adapt to very nearly any type of environment through the use of technology and invention. Species consumes primarily carbon-based life forms, both plantae and animalia. Requires water and sunlight to remain healthy.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: Ranges from 3’5” to 7’8”
  • Weight: Variable
  • Build: Variable
  • Eye Color: Blue, brown, black, green hazel, amber
  • Skin Color: Variable, usually shades of brown
  • Hair Color: Black, brown red, blond


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